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Cabo Negro

In Cabo Negro, a wide, clean watered beach stretches for miles. Its dunes of clear sand prolong till Cabo Negro, placed just a few minutes far from the city of Rincon.

After it, the coast goes rocky and precipitous, till you turn the cape and arrive to Cabo Negro Housing development. Here is Turygolf ®, belonging to and just Costa del Sol a few minutes far from Spain.

Places of interest


According to wikipedia, Tetuán (in Arabian language, تطوان Tiṭwān, from tamazight Titāwen, plural which means "lthe eyes") ") and sometimes known as "The white dove", is a city in northern Morocco, placed near the Mediterranean sea and close to the cities of Tangier and Ceuta.

The province of Tetuán Tetuán or wilaya has 725.000 inhabitants (2006) and the city, around 320.539 inhabitants, according to 2004 census figure. It is the most andalusian city in Morocco.

The old town or Medina is on the World Hertitage List of the Unesco. The Junta of Andalucía participated in the restoration tasks of the city, as an important part of the old town has an andalusian origin.



La Medina




Plaza de Mulay El Mehdi




La plaza de Hassan II



La escuela de artes y oficios tradicionales

Carpet weaving, wood and plaster sculpture, painting, chisel, leather goods, marquetry… The best works are exhibited on the ground floor.



Cabo Negro






La costsa de los Ghomara