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Visual aspect and design

At this website we make an intensive use of Cascading style sheets (css), in order to keep the content and web design separate. Pages are pretended to be legible in browsers, which do not use those style sheets. Font sizes are always relative. This allows the user to vary the font size, using the browser tools. Thus, at Internet Explorer this can be done from "See – Text size", at Opera, from "See - Scale", at Netscape 7 from "See – Text Zoom ". The images have descriptive labels and no table were used at the design of the site. Those are used to show required data. Accessibility is provided to people who have difficulties to distinguish colours and for those who use non-visual devices.

Compatibility with multiple browsers

On those works made for this website to be accessible, it has been taken into account its functionality and visual appearance to be similar, not to say equal, for any of nowadays top browsers. Specifically the following:

  • Internet Explorer
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